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September 2017: Dental Tips, eNews & More!

Are you in Back to School Mode?

With your children at home, fall's routine can feel more demanding than summer's. Take a moment each day to relax and breathe; while the immediate effect may not be obvious, stress and oral health are related. Stress contributes to grinding and clenching teeth, canker sores and even gum disease. We suggest starting your day off with breakfast and thinking positively about the day ahead while you brush your teeth and floss. This will give you a few minutes to yourself as well help to ward off some of the effects of stress on your oral health.

If you are looking for something with minimal stress to do with family or friends, apple and pear picking season is back. Freshly picked fruits make a great snack and can often be stored for making pies, treats and meals that will remind you of your adventure to the farm.


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Dr. Elliott A. Schwartz
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The Road to a Healthy Smile

More than 40% of children experience tooth decay by the time they reach kindergarten.

This statistic is alarming!
From late night doctor visits to diaper changes, you've worked hard to take care of your child.

Wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about tooth decay? Your child's oral health care should start early!

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How to Break Your Child's Bad Dental Habits
It is critical to teach your child the importance of taking good care of their teeth, but you need to keep an eye out for the development of bad dental habits and try to stop them before they start.
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