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Nerve Treatments (Endodontics)

Endodontics or nerve treatments are a valuable service in restoring a badly infected tooth. These services can be painlessly provided to both the Baby and Adult teeth.

I provide the following nerve treatments:


A vital pulpotomy is the removal of the nerves and blood vessels from the crown of the tooth. The vital or alive tissues that remain in the roots of the teeth are treated with medication to preserve them.

In baby teeth this service allows the tooth to remain in the jaws till it is time for the tooth to be naturally lost.

In adult teeth this treatment is considered only a temporary service. It is done to allow an immature adult tooth's root to mature so that root canal therapy can be done at a later date.


A Pulpectomy is the removal of the nerves and blood vessels that are inside the tooth right to the very end of the roots. The root canals are filled with temporary filling materials.

In baby teeth I use a soft medicated antibacterial paste called Iodoform Paste. After a time this paste becomes inactive and the body naturally dissolves the paste along with the roots of the baby tooth.

In adult teeth the nerves and blood vessels are also removed. The filling materials in adult teeth can be antibacterial to fight an infection. They can also be a material that promotes the ends of the teeth to finish forming so that a root canal treatment can be done at a later date.

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is the service where the nerves and blood vessels are removed from the inside of the tooth to the very bottom of the root. After careful shaping and disinfection of the root canal a hard plastic filling material is permanently placed to seal the canal from any future infection.

Root Canal therapy is very demanding and technique sensitive. I refer most of my permanent root canal treatments to an endodontist, a specialist in root canal therapy. I have taken a full week course on difficult root canal therapy in Chicago. I use this advanced training when I do handicapped adults in the hospital.