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Oral Conscious Sedation

Conscious Sedation

Conscious sedation is a drug induced management technique to help our patient cope with fear and anxiety. Sedation dentistry, or 'sleep dentistry', allows us to provide patients with a more comfortable, less agitated experience in the dental chair.

All patients receiving sedation should have nothing to eat for 8 hours prior to their appointment and can have clear liquids such as water, ginger ale or juice (without pulp) up to 2 hours before their appointment.

Nitrous - Oxide Oxygen Conscious Sedation

Nitrous - Oxide (often called Laughing Gas) is a colourless tasteless gas that has both sedative (calming) and analgesic (pain Killing) properties. Nitrous-Oxide is also beneficial for patients who have a strong Gag Reflex. It is the safest drug that we use in the office. We can make this experience even more pleasurable by giving your child the ability to add one of many popular scents to the gas.

Nitrous-Oxide is a very safe but not a potent drug and so a strong willed child can fight its affects. Once the gas has been turned off, Nitrous-Oxide is exhaled through normal breathing and is not detectable in the body after 5 minutes.

For your child's safety, especially if he or she is very nervous, they should come to the office with nothing to eat 8 hours before their appointment and only clear fluids such as water, ginger ale or juice (without pulp) up to 2 hours before the appointment.