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Children's Emergency Dental Care

Children's Dental Emergencies are usually of 4 types:

Accidentally Knocked Out Teeth

Dental Avulsions (loss of teeth) can involve baby or adult teeth. If a Baby Tooth is knocked out very little can be done to successfully replace the tooth in the mouth. A space maintainer with artificial teeth can be made to replace any lost baby teeth.

We consider a knocked out Adult Tooth an emergency. Time is of the essence for survival of this tooth. The tooth should be kept moist; the absolute best procedure is to remove any dirt on the tooth with a little water and replace the tooth back into the socket. If this is not possible either place the tooth in the child's mouth so it will be bathed in saliva or have the child spit into a small bottle to fully cover the tooth. As soon as possible, phone Dr. Elliott A. Schwartz's office, and we will see your child immediately upon arrival. If my office is closed please phone the dental resident on call at Sick Children's Hospital 416-813-7500 and take your child there as quickly as possible.

Accidentally Broken Teeth

Broken Teeth, Enamel or dentine fractures:

Should be seen as early as conveniently possible by Dr. Schwartz. Our office will make every effort to schedule your child that same day to evaluate and possibly treat the injury. If you can bring in the broken off piece of tooth it will be helpful but not entirely necessary.

Fractures Involving the Nerve

If the fracture exposes the red or bleeding pulp (nerve) in the centre of the tooth you should immediately call to make an emergency appointment. We will make every effort to accommodate your child. Timely treatment may preserve the tooth with only a sedative dressing and filling placed over the exposed nerve.

Dental Infections

Dental Infections can be viral or bacterial and can originate in the gums, the teeth, and in the bones. A diagnosis of the origin of the infection usually needs a professional diagnosis through a clinical examination. An X-ray examination may also be required.

Viral infections usually heal within 2 weeks on their own without medication . Bacterial infections may or may not need antibiotics. Pain killers may also be prescribed.

Final treatment, such as the restoration or extraction of the affected teeth, is not done until the infection has cleared up. Local anaesthetics do not work well in an infected area.

Orthodontic Emergencies

Orthodontic Emergencies are usually a wire is sticking into the cheek or gums or a bracket is loose. Loose or lost brackets need to be replaced and we will fit my patient into the earliest available appointment. Loose wires are very uncomfortable and a household tweezers maybe able to reinsert the wire back in the bracket. If the wire is cutting the gums or cheek we will get my patient in that day and correct the problem. If the problem occurs outside of the office hours orthodontic wax, bubble gum or cotton placed over the wire can be effective treatment till an appointment can be arranged.

In the event of a true emergency my office staff will make schedule changes so that we can provide immediate help for your child. If the emergency occurs outside of office hours you can try to reach the Dental Emergency Service 416-485-7121 or the Hospital for Sick Children's Dental Department 416-813-7500 (ask for the attending dental resident).