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Fillings & Restorations

When hard tooth structure is lost due to bacterial infection (a cavity) or due to an accident, a restoration must be placed. Our goal is not simply to fill teeth but to restore teeth to their natural form and function and provide long term durability. Restoring teeth is an art form and we take considerable pride in the work that we provide to our patients.

To achieve excellent results we do the following:

  1. Rubber Dam to isolate the affected teeth from the tongue and check and from mouth moisture
  2. 2.5 X Operating Glasses to allow better vision for removal of all decay and anatomical carving of the filling
  3. LED Operating Head Lamp to allow optimum illumination of the teeth
  4. Chemical Sterilization of the Cavity to kill all remaining bacteria
  5. Bonding to reduce sensitivity and recurrent decay
  6. Anatomical Carving of the filling to restore the natural form and function of the teeth
  7. Fissure Sealant on top of the filling to prevent future decay

Offering only white fillings cannot achieve our goal. We place the following restorative work:

Stainless Steel Crowns

Stainless Steel Crowns are one of the most durable restorations. They are considered the best restoration for badly broken down teeth and teeth that have received endodontic (nerve) treatments. They are relatively inexpensive. When placed on baby teeth they usually outlast the tooth even if the home care is poor.

Silver Amalgams

Silver Amalgam fillings are made from a mixture of silver, copper, nickel and liquid mercury. The materials once mixed together and allowed to harden become a silver filling, one of the most durable and inexpensive restorations that can be place. Upon setting, the mercury in the filling is tightly bound as an amalgam of metals. In our practice all teeth are bonded before placement of silver restorations. We also place sealants on the rest of the pits and fissures. These two treatments help to prevent future decay and sensitivity. On filled teeth there is no extra charge for this valuable service of bonding and sealants with amalgam fillings.

White Composite Plastic

White Composites or plastic fillings are almost invisible when placed. They are made up of a mixture of chemicals and fillers in an effort to give a durable restoration that has the same natural look, texture and colour of the original tooth. Dental manufacturers are doing a vast amount of research to improve these materials. In front teeth the properties of these materials will give a durable and good looking restoration. However, in the back teeth, especially baby molars, these materials tend to break down under chewing forces and very often need to be replaced before the tooth is lost. We offer but do not encourage the use of these materials in baby molars when the cavity is between the teeth.

In adult teeth Dr. Elliott A. Schwartz places a "Tunnel Preparation" using a sandwich technique where the best properties of various white filling materials are used. These fillings are difficult and time consuming to place. The tunnel preparation is prepared through the side of the tooth where the filling is shielded from the chewing forces by the hard natural enamel of the tooth.